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No program or project exists in isolation – indeed our interconnectedness has been more evident in the last year than ever before. Each project operates within a complex network of people, processes, organisations, and cultures. Often, we work across the full system, directly with individuals, implementing strategies and processes, and partnering with organisations to deliver impact. At the centre of our programs are our local partners with whom we work to ensure ownership, continuity, and sustainable expansions of our projects’ impact.

Lack of funds are often a major impediment to organisations achieving their goals. Our role is to understand the system in which those organisations operate and identify sources of funding to ensure their continuation, growth, and benefits for the underserved. We do this by partnering with donors and local governments in the provision of grant funding or support services, and through work with financial institutions and international investors to identify opportunities where financing could have a positive and lasting impact.



Location: Global                       Client: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Achieving global development goals requires resources well-beyond international donors’ budgets. CATALYZE is a USAID program that seeks to attract finance from banks and international investors to deliver impact on the world’s most pressing problems.

COVID-19 exposed the inequities in how global financial resources are allocated and the challenges that remain in reaching underserved communities around the world. Whether it’s addressing food insecurity, equipping students with technology, or meeting energy and infrastructure needs, the right capital can help close these critical gaps, especially in fragile markets. To address these global challenges, CATALYZE assessed markets to identify how organisations need to adapt and what assistance was needed to help drive those transitions.

For example, in the Peruvian Amazon, access to finance for small-and medium-enterprises was severely disrupted. With a goal of mobilising USD 100M by June 2023, CATALYZE identified both local and international partners and investment opportunities, and is developing a digital information system for all actors along the value chain, from smallholder farmers to suppliers and financial institutions. In addition to pivoting project plans to build further resilience and address disruptions from COVID-19 and the subsequent credit squeeze, CATALYZE is providing critical assistance on loan restructuring for financial institutions to enable further funding in targeted areas.