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Many imagine that protecting and restoring nature means removing humans from the equation, but that’s not the reality on much of this planet. From the rainforests of the Amazon to the National Parks of the UK, people exist on the land, some of whom have been there for thousands of years.

They need to be able to do so sustainably.

Palladium projects and partnerships are delivering deeply innovative, nuanced approaches to help landowners and communities curb deforestation, restore millions of hectares of woodland, peatland, and crucial forest, and do it all in a way that leaves people with better livelihoods than they had before. We’re making sustainability commercially viable, in real terms and in real time.

Our Partnerships for Forests project is incubating forest-friendly businesses in 15 countries, producing market-ready “forest partnerships” that create real value from sustainable land use.

Our Peru Cocoa Alliance project has shown former coca farmers how to sustainably cultivate cocoa and plantain.

Regeneration, our joint venture with Systemiq, is harnessing market demand to scale nature positive and low carbon commodity supply chains across the tropics.

Protecting and restoring nature is our best move in the fight against climate change, reducing the impact of people on planet by reshaping our engagement with the natural world.