The resources exist to tackle every challenge we face without exception. Even the desire exists amongst the many governments, corporations, investors, and philanthropists standing with funds at the ready.

The question of “who’s going to pay” has long been answered, but the “how” isn’t always clear. From philanthropy to core business operations, we need to make saving the world an investible opportunity. We need vehicles, mechanisms, and reporting in place to help funders assess the risks and understand the returns, both in terms of profit and impact.

Palladium has become excellent at making impact investible, finding investors, structuring relationships, and guaranteeing impact on the ground.

That’s what we mean when we talk about “catalysing” investment; it’s the funding that’s been made possible by Palladium’s support. This includes capital mobilised through (1) our donor-funded development projects; (2) our dedicated capital advisory team; and (3) Bamboo Capital Partners, our asset management arm.

In 2022, our impact in terms of investment catalysed nearly tripled from last year to over $2.8 Billion, of which $2.1 Billion is private capital.

Bamboo Capital Partners

Bamboo is the asset management arm of Palladium’s impact investing business. Over the past 13 years, Bamboo has sourced game-changing companies to address underserved mass markets, helped investees to strengthen their businesses, and in turn, seen an increase of 48,000 jobs and touched 238 million lives.

Bamboo’s flagship platform is the SDG500, a coalition of private and public sector entities accelerating progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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