Sustainable development needs policies and institutions in place to support it. Whether enacting government legislation or supporting changes to institutional strategies, standards, or regulations, our policy work provides clear direction for others to continue creating impact long after our contracts are complete.

It’s not always simple. Real, enduring change requires deep local knowledge and translating policy work into action takes time, patience, and respect. When it’s done right, a single policy developed or strengthened can stand to impact millions of lives.

In 2022, this was the case in Kenya, where our Health Policy Plus project supported the investment case to increase funding for family planning by 38% to nearly $11.3M. In Indonesia, our INOVASI program has worked directly with government ministries to reform the education sector, improving literacy and numeracy across a huge diversity of schools and districts.

Ultimately, policies are essential for ensuring that our work has a lasting impact, providing a roadmap for the effective use of resources and the enabling environment to address the most urgent needs of people and planet.