Lives Touched Graph

This number is everything to us. Who we are and what we do all culminate in a single metric – the number of human lives we’ve impacted for the better.

Some of these lives were touched directly, like the smallholder farmers we mobilised capital to support through our Kenya Investment Mechanism project.

Others were indirect, like the citizens of Pimpri-Chinchwad and Thane, India, where our management of transformational social projects is having a city-wide impact.

“With people on the ground in over 90 countries, we can see first-hand what these numbers mean on a human level.”

76 million is a difficult number to fathom, and it pales in comparison to the scale of the challenges we’re facing as a planet. 89 million displaced persons due to conflict or natural disaster (1% of the global population); 689 million people living in extreme poverty; 220 million unemployed. We read these numbers in headlines as decision-makers struggle to prioritise the allocation of finite resources, balancing urgent needs such as unemployment, housing, and disaster relief against looming catastrophes like the climate crisis.

The benefit of having people on the ground in over 90 countries is that we see first-hand what these numbers mean on a human level, and often we see clearly what needs to be done.

From Ukrainian refugees to Indonesian school children, from Peruvian cocoa farmers to the UK’s long-term unemployed, there’s a story behind every one of the 76 million lives we’ve touched in 2022 and countless stories yet to be told.